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I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, and perhaps a little late, but something special happened at the end of 2017. In the world of reviewers and bloggers, each year the bloggers list their best of.  We get to see what really tickled our favourite reviewers and very often, it’s an opportunity to go back […]

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I wrote the following piece about love and marriage for The Daily Mail (25th November 2017).     This Life Faith Hogan   My wedding day was probably the best-kept secret ever! It was not that we feared being over-run by paparazzi, nor indeed was there any legal obstacle to our union. No, rather it was […]

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At this point it almost feels like I’m at home with Karen on her blog. I really couldn’t be in a nicer spot, Karen has the very best books around! She was kind enough to come on board for the Blog Tour for THE GIRL I USED TO KNOW and she invited me to write […]

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So, I know I’ve been rather quiet here for the last month, but the lovely Melanie at Aria Fiction has organised a great blog tour for the launch of The Girl I Used To Know, so I’ll be popping up everywhere and anywhere in the next few weeks and trying to keep a track of […]


At the begining of this year, one of my favorite Cork people decided to set up a very special spot on her popular books blog called – #IrishWritersWeds – so was born an opportunity for writers of all shapes and sizes, ilks and traditions – to contribute something of their journey to a shared page. […]

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Well, do I have news for you? I certainly do, December 1st – just a few weeks away, sees the release of my third book with Aria Fiction. It’s called THE GIRL I USED TO KNOW and it will be published in digital format first so, it’s kindle and kobo and whatever you’re having yourself […]


Short post, it’s been a quiet week. You see, Mrs H has succumbed to the flu – so bad, it might even be as bad as man flu! Yes, no work for three days, a lot of feeling sorry for myself, a hefty dose of anti-biotics, echinancea and vitamin C and of course, plenty of […]


One of the nicest things about having your novel published is that you meet the most interesting and lovely people. I was delighted to talk to Sue Leonard about writing, reading, life and lots and lots of books! Here’s the interview that appeared in the Irish Examiner on July 1st 2017. Thanks to Sue for […]

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I grew up in a house of books. There were books from my parents, my grandparents and even my great grandparents. There were books that were read to us, books that were gifts and those we discovered ourselves as children and later as teenagers. We were a family who bought the daily paper – the […]

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  Any writer will tell you that the culmination of all those words is seeing the book in your hand. Maeve Binchey once said that imagining her eventual book launch was what got her through the wilderness of writing her first book.  Launching My Husbands Wives was a happy occasion,  I had expected to be […]

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In the week of My Husbands Wives, paper back publication, I popped over to Love Books Group – now here’s a seriously busy woman.  We talked about writing, reading and just deserts! Here’s a link to this wonderful site:   My Husbands Wives @gerhogan @Aria_Fiction #Q&A #SneakPeak   And here’s the Q&A and an extract as […]


This was a stop on the My Husbands Wives tour at the launch of the Trade Paperback – thanks again to for having me back again! Did I mention that it’s a great resource if you’re thinking about putting down a few words?? Here I’m talking about Inspiration….   Finding my Inspiration: My Husband’s […]

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Back to the tours again, yeah! I loved this review and I was so thrilled when Nellie said she would be part of tour. This was part of the blog tour for Secrets We Keep earlier this year – many thanks to Nellie who sources all kinds of phenomenal for discerning people to love, gift, share, […]


So, thanks to everyone who helped push the book to the top ten list in Irish Original Fiction!! this was a bit of a dream moment – to say the least!!     This was rather nice:     And then, this was a lovely stop with Celeste on her lovely book blog! Celeste was […]

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As always it was a joy to pop into the ladies on Chick Lit Club Connect – Here I am talking about finding — THE ONE!!! Thanks for having me over, Ladies and for supporting Secrets We Keep   MFEO – Some people are just meant for each other… And here’s the post: Home » Connect Post » MFEO […]


My Husbands Wives was published in Trade Paperback in Ireland in May of this year and amidst all the other excitement of actually getting a book published, a number of our own lovely Irish Bloggers came on board to support us in publication week. It was lovely to link in with them – Kelly Spillane, […]


Hard to believe that I was dropping in here back in Spring – but I’m delighted to be finally getting around to posting this now! The Haphazardous Hippo – aka Neats – a true book worm, one of the nicest – was good enough to come on board for the blog tour for Secrets We […]


Swirl & Thread is one of the most exciting new review voices on the Irish and international blogging scene now. Mairead kindly agreed to review Secrets We Keep and I was so glad she liked it! Here’s a link to her blog where I’ve also written a post about having an international reach: Blogtour | […]


Next up, I got to visit Jennifer C Wilson. Jennifer runs a slot called Sunday Sojourns and when she told me about it, I just knew I had to write about Enniscrone — or as it’s called in Secrets We Keep – Ballytokeep! I loved writing this, if you’ve read Secrets We Keep, you’ll have […]


One of the best things about being a writer and there are many great things — I’m thinking of all the books I just ‘have to’ read, sitting writing for hours on end and of course feeling like I’m in a constant conversation about my favorite topic — yes, you guessed it, books! The great […]

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I was delighted to find a lovely blogger right here in Mayo — What Danielle Did Next is a book blog run by a Sligo woman living in Ballina! Danielle was good enough to come on board for our mini tour to launch the Irish Publication in trade paper back of My Husbands Wives. She […]


So, just to confuse the holy maloney out of everyone, I embarked on a mini Irish blog tour for the launch of My Husbands Wives on May 1st. This was just a select number of stops with a handful of lovely Irish bloggers – and let me tell you, these girls are the best!! First […]


It was an absolute pleasure to drop into the Chat About Books Blog back in February to do a Q& A with Kerry – we talked about inspiration, the writing progress and oh, yes, Keanau Reeves…. Well, a writer is meant to use her imagination! Thanks Kerry for featuring Secrets We Keep!! Here’s a link […]

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I was thrilled to chat with Paula Wiseman on Near FM about books, writing, debut novels, My Husbands Wives and of course – the other woman!   Here’s a link to our radio interview and many thanks to Paula and everyone at Near FM for being just lovely! Faith x  


I was delighted to be featured as an Author in the Spotlight on the Hannah Mc Kinnon blog. Hannah has now signed a contract with Mira, but she’s already a well established author with Time After Time which was released last year with Avon Books.   Here’s a link to the feature: Hannah Mc Kinnon […]

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It was my pleasure to drop into With Love For Books – Suze, Tanya and Anniek run this blog that has something for every book lover! I guest posted with a piece about the ‘other’ old property in Secrets We Keep and included are some lovely photographs of Ballyhannon Castle in County Clare, courtesy of […]

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In the blog tour for Secrets We Keep, back in February, I dropped into Linda’s Book Bag for a fun post all about ‘Secrets.’ Well, wouldn’t you like to know….   Here’s a link to the post where I’m talking about big knickers and Nanny Mc Phee!   Linda’s Book Bag – Secrets We Keep […]