Well, hello spring!

I know, it’s contentious, but as far as I’ve always been concerned, the first day of February will always be the start of spring. This year, it feels as if we are being eased out of the winter months. The grass is dry, the evenings are stretching and there are the first daffodil stems pushing through. So far, there hasn’t been a sign of our snow drops, but of course, when they would normally be smiling at us, the ground was frost hardened and maybe I was too busy trying to stay upright when holding onto Penny to notice.

February is also the start of lovely summery books hitting the shelves. Last year’s summer reading is this years easy to pop in your handbag paperback. And so, this week, The Gin Sister’s Promise is making it’s way back to the bookshops, just in time, since I’ve been hearing from some readers that the original format is sold out in their local store – which is always a very good sign!

It’s the start of what is going to be a busy publishing year with more planned as we head into summer, but for now, how lovely to be able to share the paper back version with readers!

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