I was just thrilled to drop into the Secret Writer earlier this morning. This is a blog worth checking out if you’re into your books literary and diverse, you’re sure to pick up something that you’ll remember here! Thanks again Calum, it was an absolute pleasure! Faith. Here is a link to the Q&A Session: […]

I was delighted to join a list of very impressive authors on Holly’s ‘Bookaholic Confessions,’ Blog. It’s a real treasure trove of all things books and writers. Many thanks to Holly, a true pro! The interview is here: Author Interview: Faith Hogan And here you go if the link is misbehaving!   I am delighted to […]

Well, we are a day to go and seriously, I never realized that I would be this excited, thanks to all of you who have contacted with well wishes in the last few days! It’s probably a good time to thank everyone who’s shouting out about My Husband’s Wives while its still pre-publication! A great […]

Did I say this had been a busy week? I was delighted to drop in on Tommy Marren this morning on Mid West Radio to chat about My Husband’s Wives. Thank you Tommy and Patrina for having me, it was an absolute pleasure! You can listen to the interview below! Faith Hogan on the Tommy […]

Hello All, It’s proving to be quite the week, I dropped by with Laura on her Little Book Blog for a Q&A session this morning and I’m posting it here. If you get a chance and you like books, it’s a great place to drop by and lose yourself for a while… Laura’sLittleBookBlog Here it […]

We’ve worked with all writers, from total beginners to seriously talented pros. Take a look at a brief summary of our success stories. Source: Writers Workshop Success Stories     This was a lovely surprise, thank you to Harry Bingham and Jane Jakeman, both of whom were very generous with their advice and kind in […]

Of course these days they're all on kindle!

In an effort to stay on top of the whole blogging thing and not alienate the people around me by causing them to be the centre of all things in this space, I move onto the books! I mean, the books — the one’s that made a difference. The one’s that made us who we […]