Count Down….

People have told me that there is no greater excitement than that first book coming out and I’ve always, thought, yeah, sure. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was over the moon to sign up with Aria Fiction. It was like a dream come true, in many ways. That first wave of euphoria, I had actually managed to get a book deal.

The thing is, I hadn’t thought so much beyond that point.

I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought, for example to how other people would react to the news that I was about to be a published author.

Worse, I hadn’t given any thought, as I’d scribbled away happily, that someday, if this book actually went out into the world, people would actually read it. Real people, not people who live very far away and I only meet on irregular occasions or who ring me up or email me to see that everything is moving along nicely. No. Real people, that I meet every day of the week, would actually be reading my book. For one thing, most of the big readers I know, seem to read books that are very different to my book. There are thriller readers, post apocalyptic fans, sci fi babes and misery memoir nuts all over the place, but a good old fashioned, everyday story? Not so much.

If I had thought about this, I’m not sure what I’d have changed.

I loved My Husband’s Wives when I read it at the end of having written and edited it a couple of times — which I take as a good sign! But something strange has happened…

I’m not sleeping — which let me tell you, is not like me! But last night, I went to bed and found myself dreaming about the book, the day of publication and all sorts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll often dream of what I’m writing; it does tend to absorb me just a little, but this was the kind of dream you have where you find yourself sitting at a rock concert in your nightie! Not the kind of dream that sends you in search of a pencil and paper at three o’clock the morning because you’ve woken with an aha moment and figured out the ending.

Just a week ago, I spent a few hours in Galway, with a bit of time on my hands. I’d brought along my kindle for a little light reading and then came across an email from Nia (one of the nicest people you could meet in publishing). They are making available a sample of the book, on April the 16th. Great, I thought, I’ll read away, and indeed I did and enjoyed every bit of  it. Then it hit me…

Other people will be reading this…

Other people I know will be reading this…

Argh – I’m wearing pajamas again while I’m sitting in a coffee shop reading my emails.

No, it’s actually all good. And it’s so good in fact, that because you have taken the time to read all the way through this post to here – I’m going to treat you to that taster before anyone else:)

Here you go….

My Husband’s Wives

Thanks for following and I hope you like it….

Faith x

p.s. I put a picture of where I’m writing this at the top of the blog – why?

Well, so you’ll see just how glamorous being a writer actually is. The wall in front of my desk is covered in the kids pictures and drawings and to the left, is a candle that I promised to light for a friend. Oh, yes, lifestyles of the rich and famous indeed!