My Husband’s Wives

One man, four women…. Paul Starr is the most enigmatic successful man Grace Kennedy has ever met. He seems to have it all, even a wife at home who understands him.

Evie Considine loves Paul Starr so much she is prepared to let Grace have him. Annalise Connolly is rescued by Paul Starr from the heartbreak of humiliation. Kasia Petrescu counts Paul Starr as her only true friend in the world. When he dies beside her, explaining why they were travelling in the same car in the dead of night is the very least of her worries.

It was no secret that Paul lived a compartmentalised life, but he wasn’t hiding any secrets from the people he loved. Was he? When the four women’s worlds collide, it seems they just have to muddle through together. Could they become unlikely friends? Perhaps it is exactly what Paul would have wanted all along…