Remember when we were young…

I came across this image yesterday on Facebook and immediately, I was transported back to my childhood. I can remember vividly having each book read to me and later, slowly, falteringly reading them for myself.

Suddenly, I could almost feel each edition in my hand, the covers were well worn by the time we’d grown out of them and although I can’t remember now, I’m sure that we weathered the pages too, so there were marks and scuffs and the general sign of age that only the best childhood books are lucky enough to wear.

Snow White was definitely my favorite, with the Princess and the Pea a close second. My mother would read to both my sister and I when she tucked us into bed. Some nights, she’d tell us one of her own stories, and the pity of it is, that no matter how I try, I’ve never been able to replicate any of them as well for my gang.

Now, I’m doing the same with my youngest. We haven’t managed to hold onto those books, but we have held onto one book from that time, ‘The Five Little Kittens’, and it is above all the other books we read, still my favorite. I have read it so many times that I know most of it off by heart!

They are great books, for more reasons that you’d immediately think. They throw up how our language has changed across just one generation. They also throw up a disparity in terms of the reading accomplishments expected then, compared to now!

I count myself very lucky to have had these treasures… and I wonder, what are the books from other people’s childhoods? Any that really make you smile and remind you what it was to be a child in love with story? Go on, take a minute, have a think about it at least, I’ll guarantee, it’ll give you a nice warm feeling and might even put a smile on your dial….