The Thing About Getting a Book Deal…

I’m delighted to be featuring on the Aria Fiction Website to day, talking about the lead up to the release of My Husbands Wives — only seven days to go!!!

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And here it is….


I had all but forgotten that my book was still floating about publishing houses in London when my agent sent me a very neutral email – there were two editors considering my novel, could I possibly send on a sample of what I’m currently working on? You would think, this would make a girl very excited, but to be honest, we had been here before. Agents, when I was actively seeking one, ask you this all the time and I’d sent off more drafts of work in progress than I could count over the last few years. I’d been courted by quite a few agents, but in the end, I met with one and really liked her. The fact that she’d ‘discovered’ some of the best writers around only cemented my enthusiasm.

When it came to publishers, I expected things to be the very same.

But then, I had not counted on Aria Fiction. My agent explained that they were a new outfit, headed up by one of publishing’s top people and the whole ethos of Head of Zeus (the mothership!) was both progressive and exceptional. My agent is very wise. She advised taking up their offer of a three-book deal, although My Husband’s Wives was my first foray into Women’s Fiction. I’m so glad I took her advice.

It has been a fabulous experience, I’ve learned so much from everyone who has come my way thus far. From the publisher to the publicist and everyone in between, they are generous with their advice and astute in its distribution. From day one, people in the know have told me that I’m in ‘good hands.’ And it is now, on the eve of publication that I can truly see it. Emails are returned within the hour, no question is too small and every reply is tailored to explain as well as answer. The real treat is, that I’m made to feel like I am the only author that’s being launched this decade – not to mind this year! Although, I know that there are much more experienced writers out there, with Head of Zeus within whispering distance of the number 1 spot in sales this week – I know these are busy people.

This week, and possibly for the next two weeks, I’m getting pulled in mainly to promoting My Husband’s Wives and I’m thoroughly enjoying that. On the other hand, book 2 (I’m not even going to hint the name yet…) is almost ready to go to the publisher and I’m just itching to get back to working on that. More late nights for me then…