KoBo Promotion

I woke up bright and early this morning to some really good news!

Kobo are really getting behind My Husband’s Wives, as the lovely Nia put it, ‘sending lots of love our way.’

Now, I’ve been cutting and pasting and doing a bit of grumbling too, because I’m still not exactly a technical wizard when it comes to all things internet, so I’ve copied the page here, there and everywhere, but it looks so well when Nia does it.


Anyway, here’s the link:

kobo romance heder



The nice people at Kobo have included it in their weekly newsletter under their 3 for 2 in Timeless Love Stories and on their NEW & NOTABLE and NEW & HOT  lists also.

Many thanks to all at Kobo, and most especially to Caroline and Nia for pitching and tweaking! That’s where all the magic is happening these days!

Faith x