Book Club Questions…

I am being prompted by both Goodreads and some very good readers to include a list of suggestions for Book Club discussions.

Thanks to the WaWa Club Readers for getting in touch to let me know that they have selected My Husband’s Wives for their July meeting. I hope you have fun!

The following are questions that people have wanted to discuss with me after reading the book… So far!


1         Did Paul Starr love one woman above all the others and if so – which one do you think and why?

2          Each of the women dealt with their grief differently, and although there was anger, sadness and regret, none  of them actually hated Paul – why was that?

3          This is a book set in Ireland, but which is the bigger character – Dublin or Carlinville? Why and what does it   add to the story?

4          Kasia appears to be wiser and more philosophical than each of the other women, why do you think that is?

5          Who grows and changes the most over the course of the novel? Who gains the most?

6          This is a novel about love. Do you think it is a love story?

7          If Paul had lived, would he have moved on again? Or does his relationship with Kasia signal a turning point in terms of his maturity, responsibilities and where he has reached in his life.

8          Evie has always believed they were soul mates. The big question is, was Paul slowly making his way home to  Carlinville in the end?



If your book club is planning on including My Husbands Wives, do let me know. I’d love to hear how you get on and where your reading leads you….


Faith x