Blog Hop Update…

So, we’re into July! And just to keep everything up to date I should probably  include a few things here…

First of all, thank you to all of the wonderful readers who have said nice things in the last few weeks, especially thanks to those who have put up reviews on Kindle, Goodreads or if you’ve given the book a rating on Kobo, iBooks or Sainsbury’s. Thank you, thank you x.

With help from my lovely publishers I’ve changed my banners over the last month a few times. Most recently, I’ve included some of the nice comments by readers… this is my way of saying thank you back!



Prior to that, we had kind words from the fabulous Diney Costeloe and Amanda Prowse.



Faith Hogan Twitter banner


And we still have all of July to go with our summer blog hop…

Faith x

ps. if you haven’t already gotten around to getting a review up, what’s keeping you?