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It was my absolute pleasure to drop in on Margaret Bonas Madden on her blog Bleach House Library. Margaret is a one-woman power house for Irish fiction writers and all round the loveliest woman you’ll meet supporting Irish fiction at the moment!

I was thrilled to have her review My Husband’s Wives and organise a great giveaway on her Bleach House Library blog.

here’s a link to her site and her review:


Bleach House Library – My Husband’s Wives


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Blog Tour Review and Giveaway – ‘My Husband’s Wives’ by Faith Hogan

Debut author Faith Hogan has invited me to tag along on her Summer Blog Hop.  To celebrate her  debut novel, My Husband’s Wives, I have a review and Irish themed giveaway.  To be in with a chance of winning this silver-plated Ireland bookmark, just enter via rafflecopter link below.
 Good Luck! (Open INT)


When Paul Starr is killed in a car accident in Dublin, he leaves behind three grieving widows.  But they are not all aware of each others existence. The successful and charismatic doctor had charmed his way into the lives of these three vastly different women and he has left more than a tangled web of lies behind him.  There are also children involved.  Through the individual stories of  Grace, Evie and Annalise, the present becomes intermingled with the past as the women say goodbye to the man they all loved…
This is Faith Hogan’s debut novel and it grabs the reader with its clever storyline.  Paul managed to charm the pants off three beautiful women, of varying ages and backgrounds, by placing them under his magnetic spell.  Each woman is then shocked to discover the existence of another young female, Kasia, who was in the car at the time of the accident.  The funeral arrangements see the beginning of their future connection and their individual personalities struggle to contain themselves.  How can these women move on without even knowing who Paul truly loved?
This is a very enjoyable read, written with care and delicate precision.  The descriptions of Evie’s Howth home are wonderful and Annalise is a shallow character we can love to hate.  Grace is harder to identify with.  She set out to steal someone’s husband and then changed her mind when things were not going her way.  Her daughter Delilah struggles to forgive her mother for Paul’s desertion, and I can almost agree with her.  Kasia is an odd addition to the tale  but she blends in nicely with Evie.  While I felt nothing for Paul, and could not for the life of me see why these women would give their lives over to him, I did enjoy the story.  These women find out that it is not a man that they need.  It is friendship and confidence.  Faith Hogan is a new voice in Irish fiction and is ideal for fans of Colette Caddle and Cathy Kelly.
My Husband’s Wives is published by Aria and is available in ebook format