Here Comes Autumn…

So, good news for all the readers out there — Autumn is here. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this time of year. It’s time to sit in the back garden, with the wind howling through the trees. It’s warm enough not to need a coat and still cold enough to enjoy a decent cup of coffee. It’s the best reading weather – the lawn seems to have stopped growing enough not to warrant dragging out the lawn mower, you can ignore any weeds that rear their heads and the bees and flies have all given up trying to read your book with you. There’s no icky uva lotion and best of all, you don’t need sun glasses, so you can pop on your reading glasses and away you go.

When did I turn into such a total Granny?

I’m not sure, but happiness is…


On another note, book 2 ( title agreed but still under wraps,) has moved a little closer to publication having survived the structural edit — now it’s sent off to do battle with the copy editor. At present, it looks like we will have a publication date in February 2017 — so fingers crossed. I’m really looking forward to that. I just loved writing it. It’s a different kind of book to My Husband’s Wives and it has a spoonful of the west thrown in for good measure!

Finally, across the various sites, I thanked readers, reviewers and bloggers who were good enough to rate or review My Husband’s Wives on any of the retail sites. This week was a little special, as we hit over 100 reviews in the US on Amazon and on Kobo worldwide – so if I didn’t catch you across twitter or FB, here is an official thank you!

Talk again soon,

Faith x

Oh, yes, and if you happen to be dropping into in the next few days, I may see you there! I’m popping in for the next two Mondays chatting about writing and getting published!