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I was delighted to hook up with Kaisha on the Writing Garnet for a guest post. Seriously loved her review for Minna Howard earlier this year so this was a real treat! Beyond Thrilled!

Anyway, here’s a link to the post which went out on November 8th and I fully intend to take up the invitation of a return visit very soon, Kaisha!


Author of My Husbands Wives Faith Hogan (@gerhogan), talks about winter reading! @aria_fiction


And here’s the post:


I am sure MANY of you have seen the above book cover, all over social media the past few months? Me too, which is why I squealed rather loudly when I received an e-mail from the lovely Faith Hogan, in regards to popping her TWG cherry! Faith has kindly written an insightful guest post about winter reading. Prepare to laugh and nod along in agreement, this is fabulous.

Winter Reading…

I know. I can hardly believe I’m writing those two words… WINTER READING!

For some, winter spells the end of all that is good of the year. It is the time when sensible animals hibernate and plants sneak back to prepare for next year’s sunshine. Leaves fall and everything is mulchie, we have storms, floods and snow – you can imagine how the barbecue junkies dread the months with not just an R, but with a big cold Brrr too!

Different story for us book lovers, though isn’t it?

Most of the readers I know are actively welcoming the darker months. That whole, spring, summer autumn thing – well, it’s a bit over rated actually, if you’re a book-worm. Most of us, will make an effort for those summer months, you know, dig out the white pants, paint a bit of colour on our milky cream legs and of course, pull on the biggest sunnies we can manage.

But winter? Well, winter is a whole other thing.

Personally, I’m with the Scandinavians. They certainly have it down. From Sarah Lund in her interesting jumper, to all those brooding landscapes that are perfect backdrops for crime or indeed romance – well, it’s every bibliophile’s dream And that’s before you even mention hygge. Hygge is that whole Danish notion of making the most of dark days and unfriendly weather. It legitimizes staying in, wrapping up, reading all day with cups of tea or a nice warming stew. Of course, for hyggee what could be more well-matched than a nice big book.

Oh, yes. Meteorologically, speaking, November is your month to button down the hatches, light the log fire, bury yourself in a woollen blanket and of course… Read!

For me the best winter books have three key ingredients.

First off, they need to be a decent length. There is simply no point settling down with something that you’re going to be finished in a day. Boxing day, is your day for this book. Read it while everyone around you is suffering chronic fatigue from the previous day’s festivities. Your actual winter books will take you a couple of days to get into and when you do, you’ll be so immersed in them that only occasionally will you hear the wind against your window panes, but when you do, it’s the most delicious sound in the world. An invitation, no it’s positively a mandate to snuggle further into the story and the duvet.

Second up, the story has to be set somewhere that is cold. It has to be bracingly cold, so you actually get the shivers when you think of placing yourself there. This is the only way to stack up how lovely and cosy you actually are and thereby increasing the whole winter book experience.

Third and this is probably the most important thing – it should have that extra Secret Seven ingredient. Am I talking about mystery islands, flash light adventures, light houses or naughty sheep dogs? Am I heck! I’m talking tuck food, comfort eating, building up those cold weather reserves. Your winter reading should be accompanied by hot chocolate at the least and then for added enjoyment, throw in a couple of cinnamon scones – go on, you know you want to!!

Now all I have to do is choose the actual book… So what are the best winter reads for cuddling up to? Well, that’s a post for another day, isn’t it?
How many of you will be following that on Boxing Day? Brilliant! Faith, I will be holding you to the next post with the best winter reads for cuddling and snuggling! If any of you have your own personal ‘winter reads’ favourites, let me know in the comments! Thank you to Faith Hogan for the genuine and hilarious guest post -hides the huge sunnies-.

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