Five Days To Go…

So, like the title says, it’s five days to go and what busy days these are!

Sometimes I wonder if there’s someone up there having a right good old laugh at me down here trying to catch my tail — seriously I’m wading my way through editing my third book before it goes off to my lovely agent, trying to play my part in the publicity campaign for the launch of Secrets We Keep, doing my best to keep a lid on good news in relation to My Husband’s Wives until we ‘reveal’ , throw into the mix two teenagers with associated transport and social media needs, a husband with pro golfing aspirations, a playstation crazy eleven year old and a delightful seven year old, an obese territorial cat – and oh yes, finally I’ve been struck with inspiration for BOOK 4 — Yep – I’m teetering on the edge of insanity 😉




Happy days!

Like I said, five days to go…..

Roll on February

Faith x