Publication Day

It finally came – this Wednesday, after all the too -ing and fro -ing it did happen when it was supposed to happen…

If you’re wondering what exactly – well, my second book has gone out into the world and it’s well… FABULOUS!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t inundated on Wednesday with flowers and dahlings – but the right people remembered,  it was actually kind of low key — which I liked.

The people I meet every day of the week, my family, friends, people I meet through work and just going about normal life – they were exactly the same as they had been the day before – just lovely – well wishing, but then they always are.

I got up a little earlier and tried to reply to, retweet and repost as much as I could – but as luck would have it, the teenagers (actually probably husband) had unplugged the phone and internet the previous evening – so that ended up being a little… fraught!

Not to worry, it all happened, I’m reliably informed the book downloaded for people who had pre-ordered and as we speak now my nearest and dearest  friends are reading at break neck speed and the good news – they like it! (phew- always a worry!)

Either way, for me this is a very special book. It jumps forwards and back over sixty years. I loved the characters and I especially loved the setting. To be fair, it is set in the most beautiful part of the world – Enniscrone village on the wild Atlantic way. For the purpose of the book, the village is called Ballytokeep – you’ll understand why when you read it!

The feedback has been very positive, with reviews going up on Amazon on day one — and we all know how important those reviews are 😉

Over the last few weeks, Aria have been running a #giveaway where you can win a free mug with a pic of the novel covers on the front – it you weren’t in time to enter — I think the winner is being drawn around now, don’t worry. They’re running a giveaway for some natural sea weed to pop in your bath if you sign up to the newsletter — of course, you could just read the book, it’s probably even more relaxing!!!


Till next time,

Faith x