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As you can imagine, it’s been a busy month since the release of Secrets We Keep at the beginning of Feb — I had hoped to cross post from the lovely bloggers featuring the book each day, but I’m afraid that this time round social media has become a lot more… social! So, there’s been quite a bit of… socializing on each stop. But never fear — March promises to be a little quieter so I do hope to get started on featuring each of the blogs over the next few weeks right here!

First off it’s the lovely Sophie from 23 Review Street. Sophie was kind enough to read and review Secrets We Keep and she was the second stop on the tour. I was looking forward to this very much, Sophie always gives three words and this time round I was delighted with…


Heartwarming, hopeful and amazing!!!

Thank you Sophie x

Here’s a link to Sophie’s blog and her review of Secrets We Keep.


23 Review Street — Secrets We Keep


And here’s a copy of the post:


Secrets We Keep
By Faith Hogan
Publication Date: 1st February 2017
Publisher: Aria Fiction
Pages: 312
Genre: Drama, Fiction, Romance
Format: eBook
Source: Publisher/ Netgalley
Amazon UK / Amazon US

Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept. A bittersweet story of love, loss and life. 
Perfect for the fans of Patricia Scanlon and Adele Parks. The beautiful old Bath House in Ballytokeep has lain empty and abandoned for decades. For devoted pensioners Archie and Iris, it holds too many conflicting memories of their adolescent dalliances and tragic consequences – sometimes it’s better to leave the past where it belongs.
For highflying, top London divorce lawyer Kate Hunt, it’s a fresh start – maybe even her future. On a winter visit to see her estranged Aunt Iris she falls in love with the Bath House. Inspired, she moves to Ballytokeep leaving her past heartache 600 miles away – but can you ever escape your past or your destiny? 
Two distant relatives, drawn together in companionship are forced to confront their pasts and learn that some people are good at keeping secrets and some secrets are never meant to be kept. 

My Review 
When I was asked to be part of the blog tour for Faith’s new book, I was so excited having loved her first book with Aria Fiction, this book is just as brilliant as the first one I read. Before I get into my review, I just want to draw attention to the front cover of the book, it is so beautifully done. With the colours and design it is one of the most stunning covers I have even seen. 
Ok, so now on to my review! From the start of the book, I felt for Kate her life seems to be falling apart so when she has the chance to leave that life behind she jumps at the first opportunity. Meeting her Aunt Iris, she doesn’t know what to make of the situation especially as they have never met and now at a funeral, it give Kate a different outlook on life and makes her think long and hard about the future. Living in a new place gives Kate the space and freedom she needs but there is always that small part of her that will always be back in her old life. 
Taking on the project that is Bath-House, Kate tries to bring new life into the old features, her life hasn’t been the best lately so having something to focus on shows her what life has to show. Making new friends makes Kate feel that this was the right choice, if only she can find a way to forget her past relationship and finally fall in love again knowing that this time it will work.
I loved the small town setting, it makes it more close-knit and being in such a lovely destination in Ireland the story thrives. I loved how the story shows the different love stories, not everyone has the same and reading about each and everyone makes you realise how hard being in love and falling in love with someone is, either because of the timing or because something is standing in their way. 
Secrets We Keep is a beautifully written story about the secrets we keep and the people who keep them from us. It is truly heartwarming to read and I can’t wait to read what Faith comes up with next!
Three Words
Heartwarming, Hopeful and Amazing. 
My Rating

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