Catch Up!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks here in Hoganville!

Everyone is back to school and work, holidays over, kitchen almost complete and house nearly back to normal. In fact, myself and Mr H were just about settled in for winter, heads down, telly on and breezes blowing outside when word arrived that book three was due for publication on December 1st!

Suddenly, thrown off was the winter slumber and I’ve spent the last few weeks knee deep in edits and there’s a final round of proofs to arrive yet!

It seems strange to be in the middle of writing what I’m hoping will be my fourth book and the first of a series, then to drop all and be in the midst of a whole new set of characters, location and plots. All the while I’m having conversations about Secrets We Keep with bloggers and people who read digital and in the real, here and now world I’m having the loveliest feedback from readers of My Husbands Wives who only got their hands on it when it hit the book shops in May.

It’s all a bit mind boggling and I find myself constantly trying to keep up with sets of characters and names and details, who are so real in the writing, but once I’m immersed in something new are like people I’ve waved off on a long journey.

The good news is that I’m loving the new book. There’s nothing like reading over something you’ve written and actually liking it! for me, books are about people, they are about characters and they are about language. I love words and I love people – although I’m a fairly shy person and hardly a social animal, in my everyday interactions it is the relationships with the people around us which I think mark out an exceptional or an ordinary life. I think the measure of us is not so much how we treat those we love as those we’re not quite so keen on and I hope that my books try to reflect this a little.

The new book – currently in my head as ‘THE GIRL’ is a tale about that – it’s a story about women who find it in their hearts to let love, in its many guises, change them. Like so many of us, they are lucky that fate and friendship saves them from themselves.

So now, it’s back to writing number 4…..

Onwards and upwards,


Faith xxx