Hello Winter….

Short post, it’s been a quiet week.

You see, Mrs H has succumbed to the flu – so bad, it might even be as bad as man flu! Yes, no work for three days, a lot of feeling sorry for myself, a hefty dose of anti-biotics, echinancea and vitamin C and of course, plenty of I told you so, from himself.

Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve gotten plenty of reading done and quite a bit of catching up on Netflix, so it’s not all bad. I’m hoping that tonight I might get a decent nights sleep and who knows, by Monday, with all this lazing about the place, I should be looking at least ten years fresher (well, one can only live in hope!)

This evening, I have another stimulating Friday night planned, we’re going through a Famous Five phase at the moment, so we’re watching re-runs – ah bliss!

And the writing…

Well, I am meant to be working on something new, and I’ve made great inroads, only not this week so much, it’s hard to write when it feels like your brains have been replaced with cotton wool… (but then, maybe that’s down to the chewing gum tv programmes too!)

It’s at times like this, when I feel sniffly, a little miserable and sorry for myself that all those lovely bloggers have really made my day, because for the last ten days, thanks to the lovely Debbie Johnson at Brooks Cottage Books, it seems like the whole of twitter has been talking about Secrets We Keep. We’ve literally been all over the place. She organised a whole blog tour and brought on a bunch of lovely old and new friends to join in….

thanks bloggers (1)And I should also thank my lovely publishers who are working away on the next book and doing their own special brand of magic on it, so it is ready to roll very, very soon….

But more of that next week,

In the meantime,

Keep warm, Faith xxx