Top Twenty Bestsellers!

It’s been a bit hectic around the Hogan house of late, all for the good. It seems juggling three books – one writing, one editing and Secrets We Keep being transformed into trade paperback is not quite enough to keep me on my toes.

Over the last few weeks, the Girl I Used To Know has been steadily moving up the charts and it’s been hanging out in the top twenty now bouncing about the place like a good thing for over two weeks. The reviews have been smashing too and to anyone who’s gone to the trouble of putting one up, even if it’s  just a word or two – I am really grateful. We’ve hit the magic hundred mark in the US and as of this morning there are seventy reviews in the UK which is kind of amazing, when you think the book is only in it’s baby steps with release last December!

So, this week it’s the Easter holidays and do you know what I intend to do? Not one jot – well apart from reading a good book, now that sounds like heaven to me,

Till next time,

Faith x