Ballina Launch – Secrets We Keep

I’m so happy to be putting this up on the site – we are having a book launch!!!

Yes, finally, Secrets We Keep, my second book is making its way into the bookshops. First stop Ireland, then…

This is a book that I just loved writing and for people in my own town, it’s a really special book. It’s based (loosely) around Enniscrone – it’s inspired by the Cliff Baths that overhang our mile of sandy beach. Except, in my imagination new life is breathed into them and well… you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next, won’t you? I will say this much, this is a love story, or as close as I’m likely to write one – it’s a story that made me cry at the end, not because it’s sad, but rather because the love here is long lasting, far reaching, the soul mate type that transcends life’s little hiccups and always survives, in the end.

Now, enough of the mushy love stuff…

Anyway, we’ve got a smashing new cover, a few words on the back from the fabulous Kate Kerrigan and a date set to give it a good send off… sure what more do we need? Oh, yes – and of course, you’re all invited – well, it wouldn’t be much of a party without YOU, now, would it?

So, here it is, consider yourself invited,


Faith xxx