Eason – talking #UpLit

Obviously, the weather is much too nice to be putting up blog posts, but today was overcast and dull and it is Sunday, so I’ve spent the whole day reading – oh joy! Now, of course, the book is finished (thanks to Marcia Willett for another lovely read!) and I’m pottering and realizing, it’s been a while since I popped up a few words here…

Anyway, I did a piece on UpLit with the talented Susan Ryan for the lovely people over in Easons and they were kind enough to feature me in their bookey news! Just as an aside, I see Secrets We Keep is the number 2 bestselling Uplit book of the week, so that’s something to celebrate…

Here are my thoughts…




‘Secrets We Keep’ is the wonderful new book from bestselling author Faith Hogan, and is a beautifully written, feel-good story about new beginnings and learning to move on from past mistakes.

Faith Hogan“When I started writing – I had notions of putting down on paper wonderful mysteries that would confound even the most accomplished puzzle lover. I even wrote a crime novel, set in Limerick; it was conventionally moody and broody. The detectives carried all sorts of angst about with them, but of course, they solved the mystery and saved the girl in the end.

It’s quite a different thing however, when you begin to write for more objective eyes. My crime novels, it turns out were more character led than plot focussed – apparently, there are all sorts of sub categories within the broader genres!

The thing is, I like writing about people – it’s not that I’m a raving social animal, but I have a degree in psychology and people, relationships and choices interest me. The other small detail that I missed when writing all that grit, was that I’m a positive person – I like to keep an upbeat attitude, I’m a can do, will do – no reason not to, sort of gal!

I think, there’s been a movement, a kicking back of recent years, we’re all looking for that positive vibe. The book world too is reflecting this, with books like Eleanor Oliphant, The Keeper of Lost Things, A Man Called Ove and How to Stop Time – all leaving readers with that uplifted feeling.

Secrets We Keep is a story about lost people finding each other, even if it takes a generation or two. It’s a story of hope and redemption, set in the west of Ireland. This is a tale of second chances and if life is still nearing an end, it is a message of optimism and courage, regardless of how the tide pulls what we hold dear to us away.”

Secrets We Keep is Faith Hogan’s second novel, and is available to buy online here and at Easons stores nationwide.



Oh, yes, and just in case anyone is wondering, the beauty in the photograph is called Blaze – he is one of the loveliest horses down at Iceford Stables and a quick call to Lizzie and you can book a lesson or a session for all ages. Its a lovely way to spend an hour or two! Thanks Lizzie for lending him to me x