Ah, Lads…

Just a quick note on the eve of the publication of my fourth book…

I wanted to give a big thank you too all of the lovely people who have put up reviews on Net Galley. For anyone reading this who doesn’t know about this super review site – it’s a publishing portal, where reviewers and publishers meet. It enables the selective release of books prior to publication for review. Reviewers and book bloggers are free to request books that catch their eye and many then go on to talk about these books and their opinions of them in other forums including book blogs, book forums and of course on retailer sites.

Over the last few weeks, What Happened To Us? has been selected by a large number of reviewers, it’s received mainly five and a couple of four star reviews – which is amazing, considering we’re up against the biggest names in the publishing world.

Here’s a snapshot of what they’ve been saying….

"What happened to us?” was a delightful, feel good read. I was hooked from the first page. 
I couldn't turn the pages fast enough and I did not want to put it down. 
Faith Hogan is a terrific writer." 
Sandra B, Reviewer

"I really like this author and it was a perfect read for the season of the year we are in."
Susan Anne B, Reviewer

"Altogether a lovely story of friendship and love."
Mary T, Reviewer
"I am a big fan of Faith Hogan's writing. With her trademark exploration of her characters' emotions,
What Happened To Us? is a gentle and quietly absorbing story of second chances and new beginnings." 
Joanne B, Reviewer

These are a lovely snapshot and I  look forward to sharing more with you over the next few weeks as the blog 
tour kicks off tomorrow - PUBLICATION DAY!!!

Till next time,