New Book Deal – and it’s not what you think…

So, there’s been something bubbling away for quite a while here in Hoganville – since late last summer, there’s been a rumbling of something new, something exciting and… yep, I guess we’d call it a bit of news!

Like so many parts of publishing, even letting this cat out of the bag takes time…

But two weeks ago, I signed my name to a new contract, not just any contract, this is something very different.

While I love writing as Faith – I adore writing uplifting books, getting lost in other people’s lives, (I still have a book to deliver to the wonderful Aria Fiction – but more about that another time 😉 I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to write a new crime series with one of the most exciting publishers currently around.

Bookouture have offered me a two book contract to bring my Corbally Crime Series to life and so now, I’m knee deep in edits, with the first book already delivered. My editor – the very savvy Abigail Fenton is planning on publishing the first book in August 2019 and the second in the following December. It’s exciting times, of course, it means I’ll be keeping the head down and writing like a mad woman, but I’m really thrilled to be bringing these books to life. I can’t wait for people to meet Iris, Slattery, Grady and all the team in the Corbally Station….

Till next time,

Faith xxx


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