Well Aren’t You Lovely!

I haven’t been here for a while because this last few weeks have been a bit crazy busy! All in a good way, but then yesterday I had the mixed blessing of coming down with what I guess is the flu, with a bit of a chest infection thrown in for fun 😉

I say mixed blessing, because aside from feeling thoroughly miserable and probably having infected eldest son, husband and dog, I spent all day yesterday on the sofa. At least, I’d already booked the day off work and I did get the chance to spend a whole grey day in front of Netflix with zero guilt! Of course, all good things must come to an end, and having spent the last two hours watching Miss Sloane, it’s time I actually moved about, at least at some level.

I do have a little news…

The lovely people over at Aria Fiction have decided to release two of my books into mass paper back releases this year – busy year ahead! With the release of a new book, comes a new cover and I love what the cover fairies have come up with for My Husbands Wives…


myhusbansdwives new cover

It is lovely, isn’t it?

It’s hitting the bookshops on March 7th, which means you can probably pick it up after the 10th!

Exciting times,

Faith xxx