Almost There…

It’s almost impossible to believe it, but we’re nearly there. The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club will be dropping onto kindles this Tuesday morning and in book shops a week later.

I know if you’re following me on social media, you probably know all you need to about this book. Elizabeth, Lucy and Jo – THE LADIES MIDNIGHT SWIMMING CLUB – an uplifting tale that will make you ugly cry, but will also make you laugh. The publishers are calling it The Calendar Girls meets The Lido – a big description to live up to.

So I thought, perhaps it’s time to put the words into something a little more… visual! Here’s the book trailer, it’s a small snapshot of the story in a few images…

There’s going to be lots of stuff happening over the next few days and weeks as the book comes out into the world. Keep an eye out for giveaways on social media – if you’re not following me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook – well, get a move on, you don’t want to miss out.
Also, over on the Newsletter, there are regular giveaways for subscribers and lots of inside goss on the books and on the Hogan House!

Hopefully, I’ll get out and signing some books in real shops over the next few weeks – lock down lifting permitting, but if I don’t, we have lovely signed bookplates that I can send out if you’ve already purchased your copy – just let me know on social media or through the portal here and I’ll send one out to you! Or if you wish to order your copy from my local Easons they can send out signed copies – you’ll find all you need to know by contacting Alison here:

Till next time,

Faith xxx