BIG News!!!

Delighted to share that we have made history this morning with THREE Faith Hogan books in the top one hundred selling books rank.

Yesterday, On The First Day of Christmas was included in the BookBub daily newsletter which is partly to thank for thrusting it from around No 180 all the way up to number 55.

But that’s not all, because The Gin Sisters Promise has been sitting pretty in the top 100 for the last few weeks, bouncing between the forties and fifties and today? Well, as of right now, it’s looking very sweet at number 35. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself, because to be in the top 100 of all books sold is such a major achievement – there are literally millions of books for sale on Amazon at any one time. Even having a ranking, for a new book is quite a feat, but to think that enough readers have gone out and purchased my books in the numbers that drives them to the top of the charts – well, I’m feeling very, very blessed indeed this morning.

To top things off, our old friends, Elizabeth, Lucy and Jo have decided to make it a Ballycove Trio and The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club have trampolined back into the Top 100 at number 93…

I think, cappucino is definitely deserved now… well, after I get back and finish those edits on The Guest House By The Sea for next summer!

Thank you again to everyone who has gone out, bought the books, read them and especially, if you’ve left a review – it’s really appreciated.