Book Club Discussion Questions – The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club

Many thanks to Julie Draper and her wonderful book club – The Community Lutheran Church Book Club from Rancho Santa Margarita, California for this great list of questions to get you thinking as you read The Ladies Midnight Swimming Club.

I’m so often asked for a list of book club questions and although I’ve set out lists in the past, I’ve never actually properly shared a list – for me this list is just perfect, I hope, if you are discussing the book that first off you enjoy it and second you find these in time!

My thanks again to Julie and the Community Lutheran Church Book Club from Rancho Santa Margarita, California.

Here we go….

1.           What prompted Elizabeth to join Jo in the water (naked) the first time?  How did it make her feel?

2.           How did Elizabeth feel about Eric at the time she married him?  How did her feelings change during the marriage?  How did Elizabeth feel about Eric after his death? 

3.           How did Elizabeth feel about her own life following Eric’s death?  How did she feel about her home and the surgery?

4.           What did Jo’s midnight swims contribute to her life, wellbeing and state of mind?  How did sharing the swim with Lucy and Elizabeth change the experience for Jo?

5.           What was Dan’s state of mind when he decided to leave London?  How did it change over the summer?

6.           What was Lucy’s state of mind when she decided to leave Dublin?  How did it change over the summer?

7.           How did Niall’s attitude toward Ballycove change over the summer?  What influences (or individuals) affected his attitude changes?

8.           How did all of the changes affecting Elizabeth’s day-to-day existence affect her self-esteem?

9.           Do you feel Dan intruded on Lucy, Jo and Elizabeth’s privacy by writing the book about them?

10.  What did you think about Jo’s approach to her cancer diagnosis?

11.  Would you have participated in the Midnight Swim for charity? 

12.  Elizabeth believed Eric saved her from Saint Nunciata.  Did the selfish decision he ultimately made about the child truly save her? 

13.  How do you feel about Elizabeth’s reaction to learning the truth?  Were either Dan or Elizabeth bitter about the events that affected their lives?

14.  How did Ballycove affect the lives of the main characters of the book?