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Best Seller!!!!!!


Kobo Bookstore

So, a bestseller? Hmm

Well, here’s the thing My Husband’s Wives has received the magic banner over on Kobo — and I’m over the moon. Perhaps it’s there a while — I’m really not sure with Kobo, because for now, I’m knee deep in edits and working to the beat of drums from book two.

What does it mean? I’m not sure – other than the obvious, that at some point it was the best selling book on the Kobo book store. I do know that I’m getting lots of lovely feedback from around the world, from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand so perhaps that accounts for it.

I also know this — I’m extremely grateful — that is after I stopped jumping around the living room! I think of the many people who are out there struggling with maybe not one but several manuscripts hoping to find an agent, hoping to find a publisher and I am truly grateful for having not alone made it to the top of the charts already around the world, but also to have the best in the business at my back!

A book is never written,  sold or read in isolation – to that end, the biggest thanks for the success thus far, has to go to the readers — thank you all for being so kind and for choosing to spend time with my book – it really is what it’s all about!

thank you

Faith x