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  • Blog Tour – What Happened To Us?

    Blog Tour – What Happened To Us?

    I’m not so sure that there are the right words to express my thanks to all of the lovely bloggers who have been kind enough to join in the blog tour this time round. Special thanks to all of those up to read and post reviews – it means so much to every writer and […]

  • The Truth of the Overnight Success

    The Truth of the Overnight Success

    At the begining of this year, one of my favorite Cork people decided to set up a very special spot on her popular books blog called – #IrishWritersWeds – so was born an opportunity for writers of all shapes and sizes, ilks and traditions – to contribute something of their journey to a shared page. […]

  • Swirl and Thread – Secrets We Keep

    Swirl and Thread – Secrets We Keep

    Swirl & Thread is one of the most exciting new review voices on the Irish and international blogging scene now. Mairead kindly agreed to review Secrets We Keep and I was so glad she liked it! Here’s a link to her blog where I’ve also written a post about having an international reach: Blogtour | […]

  • Kobo — Best Seller

    Kobo — Best Seller

      Best Seller!!!!!! Kobo Bookstore So, a bestseller? Hmm Well, here’s the thing My Husband’s Wives has received the magic banner over on Kobo — and I’m over the moon. Perhaps it’s there a while — I’m really not sure with Kobo, because for now, I’m knee deep in edits and working to the beat […]

  • Sainsbury’s – the blog tour

    Sainsbury’s – the blog tour

    I was thrilled to get an invitation from Sainsbury’s to feature on their fab site along with authors like Ann Cleeves (Vera). Here is the blog post about getting published. Sainsbury’s Guest Blog   And here is the piece in full:   I had all but forgotten that my book was still floating about publishing […]